Millennium Lodge, No. 1179, F&AM

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Millennium Lodge Officers
Brian Steward - Master
Andrew J. Bienias, Jr. - Senior Warden
George Aronis - Junior Walden
Brian Steward Andrew J. Bienias, Jr. George Aronis
Master Senior Warden Junior Warden

Millennium's Installed Officers for 2017-2018.

You can find us at the 32nd Degree Masonic Center, located at 2379 Union Road, just south of Williams Street.


  1. In a criminal case, a person may be required to be a witness against himself.
  2. a: True b: False
  3. It is possible for a person who has been guilty of treason to serve as a member of Congress.
  4. a: True b: False
  5. Establishment of police and military forces is implied in the Preamble.
  6. a: True b: False
  7. word "freedom" appears prominently in the Preamble.
  8. a: True b: False
Quiz Answers